About Bankhead Brewing

The History of Bankhead

The Bankhead highway was one of the first transcontinental highways built in 1916 that ran from Washington D.C to San Diego. The route included 850 miles through Texas, including  a span through downtown Rowlett. You can even see the three original three bridges from the old highway peeking out of Lake Ray Hubbard, just south of Highway 66.


One of the first of its kind, the Bankhead highway was a pioneering venture and proof of American ingenuity and progress. Today, one hundred years later, Bankhead Brewing uses that same spirit to craft delicious, local-made, artisanal beer.

Private Dining

Bankhead Brewing is a destination along the modern-day Bankhead highway, providing quality beer with a rustic 1920s atmosphere. Whether you're celebrating your bachelor party or getting friends together for a night of craft beer tasting, we have private dining available.

Brewing Spring 2016

Welcome East Dallas! This new, authentic brewpub is bringing quality local-brewed beer to Rowlett since Spring 2016.

Bankhead Brewing Co. | 3840 Main St Rowlett, TX